Lakers Fans Flocked To The Culver City Blaze Pizza To Maybe See LeBron

As you might have heard, it’s ridiculously hot in Los Angeles these days. It’s come down a bit from the 120-degree hell from last week, but still rather uncomfortable. That, however, hasn’t stopped Lakers fans from lining up at the Blaze Pizza in Culver City in hopes of seeing LeBron James.
Bron Bron, of course, hinted on Twitter Monday that he might stop by for a pizza party at that location:

He didn’t guarantee an appearance, but that thinking face emoji was all thousands of Lakers fans, who probably loathed LeBron up until they realized he might actually come to LA, needed to drop whatever they had going on today:

All of this hoopla just to see LeBron at a pizza joint, and as of now the guy hasn’t even showed up! Tweets from the ground indicate “morale is low” among the Lakers fans.

Update: The promotion is over and no Bron!

Put it down in the books: Lakers fans were first let down by Bron Bron on July 10 at the CC Blaze Pizza. On the plus side, there were free pies.

Some think Kobe would at least show face, because, of course, they do:

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The MJ Of Delaware Needs His First NBA Paycheck ASAP
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