Baker Mayfield Engaged To Girlfriend Emily Wilkinson

It’s only been about six months since Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson have publicly been dating, but now that the #1 pick has successfully secured his bag, he’s clearly ready to settle down and start his life in Cleveland.

Yesterday, he pulled the trigger on the engagement.

Now, a few thoughts on this: I’m pretty much always against these young guys getting locked down shortly after they get drafted. You get your money and immediately get married? GTFOH.

But I’ll say this, Browns fans should be very happy today. We can now definitely throw these Johnny comparisons out of the window this morning because your franchise QB is about to be a married man. That means any partying or shenanigans that Johnny was getting into at this point when he was in Cleveland, Baker will be doing the opposite. He has to come home to a wife every day now. There won’t be any flights to Vegas and back within a 24-hour period when you have that.

And as far as football is concerned this is good as well. Now he’s settled down with the fiancee, he’ll probably buy a house because surely she’ll want a baby sooner rather than later, and then he put everything else straight into football.

via @ewilkinson/IG

via @ewilkinson/IG

Side note: who’s ready for the wedding planning storyline on Hard Knocks this year?