44-Year-Old Terrell Owens Put Some Dude On A Poster In A High School Alumni Game

After all these years, I’m still not totally sure that Terrell Owens is a human. There is just no rhyme or reason that a 44-year-old man – former Hall of Fame football player or not – should be putting people on posters like this at that age. These are things that aliens do. At this point, T.O. should be about 30-pounds overweight slinging Nutrisystem on late night infomercials. Instead, he’s out here catching bodies at his high school basketball alumni game.

I say all of that without even mentioning the fact that a couple of weeks back, he ran a cool 4.44 40-yard dash (hand timed, but still) while working out with Julio Jones, a receiver firmly in the prime of his career.
I still legitimately think that this robot could still play professional football. I know he’s trying to make some sort of comeback right now with the CFL and I’m sitting here wondering why no teams have pulled the trigger yet. The worst that happens is he stinks and you cut him. The best that happens is he finally proves he’s actually an alien and gives you 10 TD’s.


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