It Looks Like Baker Mayfield's Girlfriend Emily Wilkinson Is Put-In-Bay Ready

Big news, Cleveland! Your new first lady, Emily Wilkinson — girlfriend of Baker Mayfield, confirmed this weekend that she’s officially in Put-In-Bay shape via the beach football photo below. In fact, Emily (she’s moving to Cleveland with Baker) will be in better shape than 99.9% of the hoochies I see shaking their assses in Blue Marlin pool videos.
My man A-DUBB, the Blue Marlin pool DJ, was at it again this weekend on IG posting a bunch of hoochies shakin it during an asss shaking competition. One appeared to be getting married soon. I don’t envision Baker and Emily going to the Blue Marlin during their PIB getaway. I picture them on a boat in the harbor. Bake throwing footballs around the harbor. Emily soaking up the Lake Erie rays, just enjoying the Key West of the Great Lakes.
I’m thinking dinner at The Boardwalk, maybe even something a little more laid back like some sandwiches at The Keys. Then they have to hit up the Roundhouse for at least one cocktail before retreating to the boat because the locals will become a little too rowdy and Baker doesn’t need any drama on the island. You know some scumbag Steelers fan would start something. Browns fans would jump in, destroy Steelers fan, but Steelers fan would get on a phone and rat out Bake to TMZ. One thing would lead to another and there’d be trouble.
That’s why I’m suggesting a nice Sunday Funday on PIB for these two. Really get to know Ohio. The lake. The people. Get to know what makes northern Ohio click in the summer. And maybe crush a chicken on the Chicken Patio.

Kareem Hunt was out at Put-In-Bay this weekend even though it was like 69 degrees…not the best weather for a LIT AF PIB weekend:

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