New Cleveland Resident Emily Wilkinson Already Showing Off Her Browns Gear

How do you win over a lowly fan base in the middle of the rust belt that hasn’t won shit in decades after you just moved to town from your luxurious lifestyle in Southern California? A fan base that just wants ONE quarterback that they draft to pan out for once and give them hope for a bright future? You go ahead and drop an IG of you flaunting that brand new Browns gear. Let everybody know you’re all in.
Emily Wilkinson knows what she’s doing. You don’t just move to Cleveland as the girlfriend of the #1 pick in the draft with your perfect tan and expect to be the queen of the city. You need to ingratiate yourself, let the fans know you’re in this together, that you’re ready to live and die with the Dawg Pound. Make sure they know that you’re down to slam a beer or two in the Muni Lot at 9 am when it’s 20 degrees outside in December. This is Cleveland we’re talking about.
So two days ago Wilkinson announces she’s officially leaving LA and moving to Cleveland with Baker. Today, she dropped this very simple IG of her rocking a new Browns shirt. Smart move.

Now I don’t necessarily think this means she all in on the Cleveland lifestyle yet, but she sure is heading in the right direction. We’ll have to wait until the season rolls around to get a better idea.


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