Steve Smith Has Been Retired For Over A Year But He Will Still Talk Trash To Rookies

I’m so glad that even in retirement, the Steve Smith we know and love is very much relevant. He could’ve easily slipped away and lived the domestic life with his family, but he got himself a TV job and even from behind a desk is still probably the greatest shit talker the sport has.
Let’s not forget back in October when Steve said he was going to whoop Michal Irvin’s ass on national television after he made fun of his pants. He had Michael Irvin, a guy born and raised in the streets of Miami, so shook that he released an apology video from the sidelines in New York a week later.

So yes, when you stick Steve in a room with an incoming rookie – first overall pick or not – that conversation is immediately going to divert towards some 89 shit talk. This is just what he does, it’s what made him one of our generations greatest trash talkers.
Credit to Baker for not backing down though. He sacked up and hung in there with a guy who will likely be the first to find a way to talk trash from beyond the grave. Maybe things are coming up for the Browns.

Let’s watch this again just for fun

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