Steve Smith Said He's Going To Whoop Michael Irvin's Ass And He's Dead Serious

This comes from pregame of last night’s awful Thursday Night Football game and it’s been making the Twitter rounds this morning. You might have seen this live if for some reason you were torturing yourself by watching the NFL Network pregame show for that shitty game.
Really, I just want to point out that Steve Smith continues to be the realest dude on TV. Michael Irvin cracked on those plaid pants earlier in the show and Smith came back later to tell him that he will whoop his ass once they cross paths in LA. And he was dead serious.
Everybody else on set was doing the classic fake TV laugh and Irvin tried to brush it off as a joke,  meanwhile, Steve was looking like this:

That’s the face of a man who is 1000% going to whoop Michael Irvin’s ass when he sees him in LA. That man isn’t, never has been and never will be about that nonsense. Don’t make fun of that man’s pants.

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