Michael Irvin Apologizes To Steve Smith For Making Fun Of His Plaid Pants

Exactly one week ago Steve Smith told Michael Irvin on the Thursday Night pregame show that he was going to whoop his ass the next time he sees him LA. Steve Smith, being the legend that he is, was 100% serious. HandsΒ were going to be thrown in Los Angeles at some point in the near future and it’s because Michael Irvin had to crack on Smith’s plaid pants.
But here we are 7 days later and Michael Irvin drops this apology video before last night’s game. Clearly, this is something Irvin has been stewing about since last week because that video is a man who is doing everything possible to avoid getting his ass kicked by Steve Smith Sr.
Remember, this is Michael Irvin, straight outta The U, apologizing for making a pants joke. He even got his own plaid suit! It just goes to show that Steve Smith is not somebody you play with. He doesn’t F around, as they say. Not on the field, not on the set, because he will whoop your ass (or scare you so much that you make an apology video for the world).

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