Buy This Green Bay Packers Ford F-150 Tailgate Truck — $1,450

via Craigslist
The latest Green Bay Packers tailgate steal is located in Appleton, where someone is parting with his custom green and gold 2001 Ford F-150 for just $1,450. That’s it. Basically one paycheck and this truck can be yours for the Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick Era of Packers football.
I know what you’re thinking, “Something must be wrong with it.” Quite the contrary! The seller says it’s a reliable vehicle, but it looking for a bigger van or SUV for the summer, thus the Packers truck has got to go to fund that purchase.
via Craigslist
From the ad:

2001 Ford F-150 with 5.4L V8 engine, 4×2 standard cab, extra long 8′ ft bed and topper, 157000 miles. Features a custom Green Bay Packer tailgate design, with custom green and gold paint-job, historic decals, and tailgate-themed laminate bed. Powered LED Lightning strips are also installed but need a DJ sound/lightning controller which is not included. Trailer hitch installed as well.
Good overall running and overall condition. New ignition coils and battery installed 2017. Only issue is that truck shakes a bit between 40-50mph, but runs perfect below or above those speeds and great on the highway. Some under-body rust typical for a vehicle its age. New tires may be needed for winter, depending on how its driven (though sandbags or weight in back helps a lot in snow).
I have owned it for the past 18 months with no issues, in which it has been a great truck for running around town and hauling, as well as making trips back and forth from Appleton to Green Bay for tailgating and large hauls. I also get waved at, honked at, and screamed at ‘Go Packers’ pretty much every time I go somewhere.

The seller notes he’s willing to listen on best offers, so go ahead and make that $1k proposal and get it done.
*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.
via Craigslist

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