Browns Fan Selling His Breaking Bad-ish Tailgating RV

The guy selling this Browns RV says the next owner of his prized ride will have to be a die hard Browns. I’m not sure I believe him if you put $3,500 in front of him and you’re wearing Steelers gear. That said, I can’t imagine anyone but a Browns diehard buying this dump. Just think of the absolute filth this RV has seen over the years. Would you trust that toilet? Not me.
This is a 1987 Travelmaster Signature series and it doesn’t even matter.
From the seller:

This is my Breaking Bad style tailgating mobile. This is ment for a die hard Browns and only will be sold to one. The pictures tell the story. The pics make it look better than actuality. It still kicks ass though. It’s over 30 years so it always needs some kind of repairs. The tires are practically new with under 2000 miles on them. I also have a gear vendor overdrive and axle that will come with it. The price is fair considering I have 3x into it. This is the time to buy being that our Browns are on our way back to the playoff years!!!

It’s crazy to think a Browns fan would sell being this close to the playoffs even though the team has one win in two years.

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