OJ Simpson Making Friends At the Kona Grill

In yet another example showing white women are not afraid of OJ Simpson, here we have The Juice taking time out of his day to take a picture with two fans at a Kona Grill in Las Vegas.

“Check who we met…. such a fun night!!!!” captioned a mom of three.

It’s insane, really. One would assume most people want to steer clear of a guy who got away with two murders, but that just isn’t the case with OJ. People see him walking around Vegas and gravitate towards him no matter what. Hypothetical confession be damned, OJ just possesses some sick allure to plenty of people.

Not much else to say on the OJ front today. He’s mostly been MIA since we saw him at a Golden Knights game, though he seems to be friendly with a rapper named TinT MaK: