Buy This Cleveland Browns Tailgate Truck — $12,500

via Craigslist

Are the Browns drafting Josh Allen number one overall? What about Darnold or Rosen? Why was Odell Beckham carrying around a Browns football? These are just some of things running through the minds of Browns fans as we approach draft night. And now they’ll have to think about this one as well… “Should I pull the trigger on this Browns tailgate truck?”

It’s on the market for $12,500 and comes fully equipped with the following:

— Working bathroom
— Running water
— Microwave
— 2 TV’s
— Lights and decorations

via Craigslist

More from the ad:

Everything you need to tailgate for the Cleveland Browns like a pro. This truck comes fully equipped with a working bathroom, running water, microwave, 2 TV’s, cabinets and countertops, lights, and decorations. It also comes stocked with a portable generator, enormous sound system with DJ tower (pre-loaded with thousands of songs and music videos), coolers, grills, chairs…just roll into the muni-lot and you’re ready to go.

The engine on this beast was replaced in 2016, and now has less than 500 miles on it. This has always been stored in a climate controlled warehouse, and storage costs through September 2018 are included in the price.

Just go for it, Browns fan. You know you can’t resist after an offseason filled with monster trades and promise of a franchise quarterback.

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via Craigslist