Cleveland Browns

Apr 26, 2018

These Browns Fans Were Not Thrilled With the Baker Mayfield Selection

Unbelievable. Just a few years removed from having the sh—tshow that was Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Browns decided to make...

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Jan 20, 2018

Myles Garrett Put Some Poor Guy On A Poster At His Local Gym

Browns should loan him to the NBA for 5 months

Jan 6, 2018

Cleveland Browns ‘Perfect Season’ Parade Photos

Pour one out for Browns fans today

Dec 24, 2017

Josh Rosen Might Not Want To Play For Browns…Not Real Surprised To Hear That

Does this sound like a guy who wants to play in Cleveland?

Nov 7, 2017

DeShone Kizer Allegedly Spotted Buying a Bunch of Condoms

Browns fans have a creepy penchant for stalking their players around town. Newly reinstated Josh Gordon certainly knows, as he...