Michigan Fan Has Tattoo Of Kirk Herbstreit Blowing Jake Long


I try to learn something new every single day in this job and it’ll be eight years this December since the madness started. I learned today that there’s a Michigan fan roaming this country with a “You can’t spell c_ck__cker without OSU” tattoo that includes a Kirk Herbstreit jersey character blowing former Michigan offensive lineman Jake Long. You can clearly see what’s going on here.

This is a first. I’ve seen all sorts of dumb stuff out of SEC fans, but this takes things to a new level, especially for Michigan fans.

Here ya go @bustedcoverage. Spotted at Michigan Stadium this year. pic.twitter.com/4BpEmARrH8

— Ryan (@RyanO1L) October 28, 2015

And there’s more

@BobDole520 @HJBosch21 @bustedcoverage He has a matching one featuring a Michigan and Notre Dame player on the other leg. He went all in.

— Ryan (@RyanO1L) October 28, 2015

Bonus: Jake Long was 0-4 against Ohio State from 2004-2007 (he was a redshirt in 2003)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.35.19 PM

Do you know this guy? I’d like to see the other leg. I’d also like to know the logic. Did he lose a bet?