This LeBron No-Look Pass Is a Satisfying Watch

LeBron fooled everyone on the court with this no-look pass

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) March 12, 2018

How are the Cleveland Cavaliers doing tonight? Well, they’re currently getting their asses whooped by one of LeBron James’ potential suitors this offseason, so not great! That, however, doesn’t extend to LeBron, who is up to his usual routine of racking up statistics like it’s no big deal.

Just take a look at the ridiculous no-look pass he threw to Ante Zizic in the second quarter. There’s no doubt Lakers homers are out there calling him “LeMagic” after that display of nonchalant brilliance:

Also noteworthy from LeBron in this game: he’s playing nice with former teammate Isaiah Thomas. He and his fellow Cavs exchanged pleasantries before the game:

It’s going to be hilarious when LeBron chooses LA and Isaiah has to go find himself another squad.