Los Angeles is the Latest City to Woo LeBron James With Billboards

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a long-rumored suitor for LeBron James‘ services this upcoming offseason, so it only makes sense that the city is getting in on the billboard game to flatter The King.
Lakers beat writer Tania Ganguli reports there are a total of four cheap-looking #LABron billboards going up in the city today paid for by lawyer Jacob Emrani. Each ad seems to feature slights at the Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers:

“Forget the Process, we win banners”
“Cleveland and Philly, you can’t compete with LA”

Philadelphia and Cleveland, of course, recently engaged in a billboard war of sorts in a tremendous effort to kiss LeBron’s ass. Philly seemed to accomplish their mission considering LeBron called them “dope.”

The Lakers host the Cavaliers on Sunday, so we will at least the Lakers homer credit for good timing.

Remember the last time the Lakers put up signs to suck up to a player?

Nate Robinson BOMBS Autotrader Promo
Nate Robinson BOMBS Autotrader Promo