Vegas Casino Owner Derek Stevens Bets $385,000 On Opening March Madness Games

Derek Stevens, the owner of The D casino in downtown Las Vegas, announced his 35 opening round March Madness bets tonight on Brent Musburger’s March Madness selection show special on VSiN. Stevens dropped $11,000 per bet and doubled up (not sure he knew it) on Loyola +2.5 over Miami on Thursday in Dallas. That’s $385,000 on the line for Thursday and Friday games.

By my count, Stevens has 18 dogs.

In 2017, Stevens dropped $352,000 on opening round games. His results weren’t great. He went 10-19-3 against the spread and lost $109,000.

The thing to remember with Stevens’ bets is that he fires off the $11k just hours after the brackets are announced. He’s not waiting until Wednesday to make these bets. He had to get them in early so Musburger could get the content. Plus, Derek owns a casino. He’ll get that money back eventually.

BTW, how great is it to see Uncle Brent just enjoying life doing what he enjoys? This might be the most healthy smile I’ve seen in a long time. Look at that face.