Nate Robinson BOMBS Autotrader Promo

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Is Shaqtin’ A Fool strictly an active NBA player thing? We only ask because former guard Nate Robinson made a strong case to be nominated after absolutely butchering an Autotrader plug during tonight’s Rockets-Thunder game.
Now, Nate is new to the announcing game so we should give him some slack, but it’s really hard to give someone a pass for going full-Floyd Mayweather while trying to read a couple sentences:

And that right there is example 6,969 of why the NBA should axe their “Players Only” announcing concept. Honestly. There’s a reason sports announcers exist, and it’s to avoid to the shoddy product we’re exposed to every Tuesday with jock-exclusive commentary.
The idea behind “Players Only” from the NBA’s press release last January:

TNT’s innovative approach to the new Monday series will incorporate a more conversational delivery and broader NBA player integrations into the telecasts to offer viewers an entertaining narrative and deeper insights into the game directly from the athlete’s perspective.

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