LeBron James On Those 76ers Billboards: "It's Dope"

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In news Cavaliers fans will not like after getting thumped on Sunday, LeBron James didn’t shut down those 76ers rumors when asked about the three billboards a Philadelphia company put up on I-480 in Cleveland. Instead, he did a very LeBron thing and called them “dope.”

From Fox 8 Cleveland:

“I know all about it. There’s a lot of potholes on 480, gotta be careful with the cars. Gotta be very careful, that’s why I don’t do much driving. I sit in the backseat,” LeBron joked. He told reporters he hasn’t seen the billboards.
“It’s not a distraction. It’s actually very flattering. I’m sitting here at 33 in my 15th year… People in their respective cities want me to play for them,” he said. “That’s cool, I think. That’s dope.”

What does it mean? Probably nothing — or probably everything. Who knows with LeBron. The guy will do whatever he wants to do in the offseason and some fanbases will be pissed.

Now seems like a good time to remind everyone of LeBron’s NBA 2K activity…

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