Adam Schefter Lists Final Four Teams Expected To Go After Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins officially becomes a free agent in a couple of weeks on March 14th, but as you all know, he’s had players from across the league recruiting him since the Redskins swung that Alex Smith deal during Super Bowl week.

Von Miller has been the most aggressive┬árecruiter, but don’t forget about Joe Thomas basically promising Kirk a statue if he signs with the Browns. Then yesterday he runs into Larry Fitzgerald at the Atlanta airport and even he’s hopping on the recruiting trail. Kirk is basically reliving his college recruiting process right now, except instead of being exploited by the NCAA, he’s about to make millions on top of millions of dollars.
This morning, Adam Schefter reported that the list of teams expected to try and woo Cousins is down to a ‘final four’. They’re basically all the teams you expected, minus the Browns who seem like they’re going to take another shot at a QB in the draft. I’m sure that will work out well.

The most recent reported favorite to land him has been Minnesota, but the Jets seem basically willing to throw him a blank check and the Broncos still have that awesome defense, so who knows where he ends up. It should be interesting to watch play out.
Also, I think we’re overdue┬áfor a televised decision. Let’s let Kirk go full LeBron with this thing.

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