Joe Thomas Hits The Kirk Cousins Recruiting Trail, Says He'll Get A Statue If He Comes To Cleveland

NFL free agency season in 2018 starts and ends with Kirk Cousins. He’s the biggest name in this class that will be signing with a new team now that Alex Smith is in D.C., and one lucky franchise out there who’s suffered through shitty QB play will have a legit franchise QB coming their way.
And since free agency doesn’t start for another month, we have players hitting the Kirk Cousins recruiting trail hard. Most experts assume he’ll most likely land in one of three spots: Denver, Cleveland, or with the Jets. Von Miller hasn’t tried to hide his desire for Kirk to come to the Broncos. He’s been recruiting his ass off. He was literally on television the morning after Alex Smith got dealt pitching to Cousins.

Clearly, Joe Thomas has taken notice of this Von’s tactics and decided to ramp up the process in Cleveland. This morning, he chimed in on one of Kirk’s tweets essentially promising him a statue if he signs with the Browns. Not if he wins a Super Bowl or even gets the team back into the playoffs. Nope, just sign here and you may or may not get a statue.

Statue if he signs there, maybe name the stadium after him if he posts a winning record? Just a thought. The Browns are this desperate for a QB. Still no word out of New York with the Jets recruiting. Seems like they’re falling asleep at the wheel here.

Joe made some other good points

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