Andy Dalton & His Wife Tore Up Hawaii This Week Like My Wife & I Tore Up Florida

Tried to tell you guys that it was a big week for Vacation SZN. I was in Florida with the family and my winless-in-the-playoffs quarterback, Andy Dalton, and his wife JJ were tearing up Hawaii on what appears to be an adults-only trip. Must be nice. Not me, kids were along for the ride because the grandparents want to see the little ones.
Anyway, my big takeaway from Carrot Top & JJ’s trip is that JJ IS BACK from a couple of pregnancies. Holy hell, JJ! It’s like Trae Young having a huge game in December. It’s a coming out party and JJ is going to IG the living day lights out of the body. Just flaunting all of it. On the surfboard or whatever people call the board they’re always fake paddling.

Flaunting it all over the beach. Pretty much just announcing that she’s officially in the running for Hottest NFL QB Baby Mama contest. Don’t even think about telling me how Gisele permanently holds that title. Besides a huge bank account, I’m not really that impressed. Old news.
As for Andy, it’s good to see he’s looking fit and relaxed now that it appears AJ McCarron is moving on and he’ll have his job for like the next 15 years under Marvin.
What was the big highlight of my Florida trip? Swimming around in a retirement village pool. The water was like 90 degrees. It was absurd.

RGIII Casually Body Bagged Some Browns Fan On Instagram Last Night
RGIII Casually Body Bagged Some Browns Fan On Instagram Last Night
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