Andy Dalton

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Feb 15, 2016

Jordan Dalton: Photos Of Andy Dalton’s Wife

Meet the First Lady of Cincinnati sports.

Feb 15, 2016

Andy Dalton Looking Shredded On Mexican Beach

Andy Dalton & his wife, JJ, rebounded from last week’s luggage disaster and now the couple’s getting roasted on a...

Feb 10, 2016

Andy Dalton’s Missing Bags Were Returned

Happy ending to #bagsearch2016.

Dec 14, 2015

16 NSFW Black Dudes React To Andy Dalton’s Broken Thumb

BDs take the fantasy playoff L & my Bengals are done. So sad.

Sep 28, 2015

41 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Week 3 Of The NFL

Mike Vick and Andy Dalton kept the BDs busy on Sunday.

Jun 25, 2015

Andy Dalton Played a Thrilling Game of Horse With His Wife

The Red Rifle connects from downtown.

May 8, 2015

Andy Dalton Sucks At Doing The Weather, Too

  At least that hair is straight flamethrower. Seriously, the best hair in the AFC North and it’s not even...

Mar 10, 2015

Andy Dalton At Apple, Belichick Wedding Invitation & Spring Training Free Beer

Chip Kelly isn’t racist Shame on Screamin’ A. Smith for insinuating Chip Kelly is racist for either trading or releasing...

Nov 7, 2014

Barely Anyone Noticed Giant Greg Oden at the Bengals Game

It’s hard to miss Greg Oden, since, you know, he’s like a man-giant who has no problem with spiking a...

Nov 7, 2014

Andy Dalton Depresses Bengals Fans With God Awful Performance

You have to hand it to Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. We’ve seen bad Dalton games before, but Thursday night’s performance...

Nov 6, 2014

Andy Dalton Needs To Watch This About 40-50 Times Today

  Andy Dalton needs to understand something very clearly today. His ass MUST win tonight against Cleveland. I don’t want...

Aug 4, 2014

20 NSFW Black Dudes React To Andy Dalton’s New Contract

  Adam Schefter had to go and pull his old bullshit tricks today when reporting on Andy Dalton’s new six-year,...

Apr 22, 2014

Andy Dalton Meets Horse Named After Him

  There is no bigger honor for a Cincinnati Bengals quarterback than sticking around long enough to have a horse...

Jan 6, 2014

60 NSFW Black Guys Break Down Wild Card Sunday

Wild Card Sunday brought the end of the season to two more NFL fan bases. The day’s results also set...