I’m Not Going To Lie, Andy Dalton Throwing This Frisbee Pass Has Me Thinking Playoffs

My QB's out here getting ready to win the AFC North & lose on Wild Card weekend pic.twitter.com/KbPwGS1nsl

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) May 21, 2017

My QB Andy Dalton has been fairly quiet this offseason just doing the family thing. He has a newborn son, so you know that means long nights (he’s a nice guy, of course he gets up), days around the house where you’re just trying to survive and boring weekends.

Not this weekend. It appears 1-4 had himself a weekend with the boys at the lake. You know, some Frisbee, some late-night Cokes (he’s religious) and some relaxation before things start to get interesting here in June and July.

Looks ready to go 11-5, win the North and lose to the Steelers on Wild Card weekend.


[Andy Dalton – IG]

Not much has changed over the years:

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