RGIII Casually Body Bagged Some Browns Fan On Instagram Last Night


Robert Griffin III is still currently working on his football comeback and whether it be back in the NFL somehow, or with the CFL, or even maybe the XFL in a couple years, I actually think we’ll see him on a field again at some point. I mean have you seen the darts he was throwing at trees last month?

Anyways, as many of you know, RG loves spending his free time on social media. In between the constant sappy posts, teenage girl quotes, it turns out he can actually be an assassin behind the keyboard. Who knew? I think it started with his “somehow this Alex Smith trade will be blamed on me” tweet that I actually thought was his most self-aware comment ever.

Now he’s out here MURDERING dudes on IG. I’m talking bodies left in the street. Browns Nation on Instagram commented on what I’m assuming is one of Robert’s photos stating his disdain for RGIII, and instead of just taking his beating, Bob came with that HEAT.


Browns Nation ackowledging it makes it that much better. He knew how hard he got burned.

RG3 had brief chat with BC at the Super Bowl on his future

(fast forward to 15:30)
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Aaron Rodgers Supporting Danica Patrick at the Can-Am Duels
Aaron Rodgers Supporting Danica Patrick at the Can-Am Duels
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