Joe Thomas Attempts And Succeeds At Naming All 18 Browns QB's He's Protected

Alright, Browns fans, this one is going to be tough to watch and it might trigger some PTSD, but for everyone else out there, Joe Thomas trying and succeeding at naming every quarterback he’s protected is both very sad and very funny. Also, it’s pretty incredible that he was able to list them off so easy.

Joe Thomas is a surefire Hall of Famer and it’s amazing to think how he’s been wasted away protecting all of these bums. Some of the names just flat-out shocked me. I mean, Thad Lewis? Good god, Thad effing Lewis started games for the Cleveland Browns. Amazing. Ken Dorsey was another one. I completely forgot Ken Dorsey was tossed out there for 4 games back in ’08.
It’s just an extraordinarily depressing list and you can almost hear it in Joe’s voice as he’s rattling them off. Even he can’t believe the pure shitshow that the Browns QB position has been over the last 20 years. This really puts the depressing jersey into perspective.


Jameis Winston Out Here Brett Favre'ing
Jameis Winston Out Here Brett Favre'ing
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