Paul Pierce Says He Isn't Mad That Ray Allen Skipped His Retirement Ceremony To Golf With George Lopez

Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremony finally took place yesterday afternoon after it felt like we had been talking it about it for months leading up. You might remember Paul really unleashing the pettiness when he declared that he did NOT want to share his special day with Isaiah Thomas’ tribute video when he returned to town with the Cavs.
Obviously, IT got traded to Los Angeles this week and all of that ended up being pointless.

So Paul got his big day without that evil tribute video taking away the shine. Doc Rivers was there, Kevin Garnett was there, Rajon Rondo was there, and LeBron was there, who did a bang-up job ruining the day for Pierce.

One man not there was Ray Allen, an enormous part that 2008 championship team. The issues between KG, Rondo, and Pierce with Ray Allen is well documented. Those three pretty much shut the door on any semblance of a friendship when he dipped for Miami. So it makes sense that he wasn’t in attendance.
Paul went on The Jump today to say that he had no hard feelings and wasn’t upset about it. He even sorta kinda mentioned that he squashed the beef with Ray.

Clearly all he cared about yesterday was making sure that video didn’t play.

What was Ray doing instead? Just watching George Lopez sink a  hole-in-one

I see why he skipped it.

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