Eagles Fans Reportedly Fight Police Before NFC Championship Game


The NFC Championship game between the Vikings and Eagles is still hours away but already we have reports of Eagles fans acting like Grade-A assholes.

According to NJ.com, Eagles fans were brawling in one of the Lincoln Financial Field parking lots, which required police to come in with six horses to control the madness. The kicker here? Apparently no Vikings fans were involved, just Eagles fans and police — details from the report:

It is not clear at this point what started the fight, which took place around 3 p.m. EST in Lot M by the Eagles’ home stadium. The brawl got so out of control that six horses were called to the scene in an attempt to control the crowd.

The fight was between Eagles’ fans and the police officers, and it doesn’t appear any Vikings’ fans were involved. The incident, which required Philadelphia police officers and Pennsylvania State troopers to get under control, left at least one fan beaten and blooded.

As you can see from the photo below, blood was shed during this incident:

Oh, and just because Vikings fans were MIA doesn’t mean Eagles fans aren’t giving them the business elsewhere around the stadium…

No doubt these guys are regretting this trip:

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