Meet Jaguars Cheerleader Allison

Can we all agree that everybody outside of the New England area is rooting HARD for the Jags today? I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be. It’s one of the most fun and likable teams vs. the evil empire that’s been dominating for over a decade and a half. Even AFC South teams should be rooting for their division to get more national love. America needs the Jags to pull this off.
With that said, let’s meet Jaguars cheerleader Allison. They call their cheerleaders the Roar of the Jaguars down there in Duval, which is such a wild name for a cheer squad that I actually like it.

Fun facts about Allison

  • Occupation: Certified Medical Scribe
  • Years on the squad: 3
  • According to her Instagram, she is also a mermaid

She’s always been a Jags fan…she’s invested in this team 100%

From a 2016 interview with CBS Jacksonville:

CBS: Favorite thing about your city?
AR: My favorite thing about Jacksonville is, of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars! I think it’s such an awesome thing to live in a city where there is a team to follow with such dedicated fans! Even before I cheered, going to Jaguars games was what I looked forward to on the weekends.

[IG – Allison]


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