Minnesota Ticket Broker Warns Vikings Fans Traveling To Philly, Compares Eagles Fans To Gang Members

Oh boy, these Minnesota ticket brokers and travel agents just went out and did the last thing you want to do before your team goes and plays a big game in Philly. You think these fans weren’t already going to be a bunch of savages on Sunday? Now you go and give them more ammo by basically calling them gang members 4 days before said big game?
Listen, I get where this guy is coming from. Philly fans are WILD, to say the least. Especially when the team is winning. I mean we had an Eagles fan go and punch a damn police horse after they pulled out the win Saturday in the Divisional round against the Falcons. You had fans shotgunning 4 straight beers on national TV at 10 am. It’s what Philly fans pride themselves on, so you didn’t have to go on TV in Minnesota and spell it out for everyone. We already knew this. Now you just pissed them off.

So now guess what? You just set up all the Vikings fans going to The Linc on Sunday for a world of hell. They definitely can’t wear their purple now. It probably would’ve been a bad idea beforehand, but now there’s no chance they can walk in that building rocking a Diggs jersey. It’s going to be a shitshow full of dog masks.

Outside of the ridiculous gang quote that the broker dropped at the end of this segment, here’s my other favorite quote:

“I would advise you to not be over-inebriated, because Eagles fans will be.”

I haven’t heard a more true statement in my life.

He’s not totally wrong here…


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