Looks Like Sammy Sosa Had an Epic 49th Birthday Bash

The Internet (us included) might have gone in on white Sammy Sosa dabbing on the streets of London, but you better believe that didn’t stop him from living it up on his 49th birthday weekend. Look at that picture above, the man is unfazed by the commentary over his bleached skin at this point. Slammin’s clearly going to do whatever Slammin’ pleases…. in this case, rock a gaudy black and gold jacket, vest and tie to his party.

Oh, and what a party it was. The guy had his massive birthday cake carried in on a golden chair (shoutout to the guy in the Cubs jersey):

Wild. But we expect nothing less from the man who celebrated his 47th birthday dressed as an Arabian prince.

And there’s more! Sammy vibin’ in the club with his Pepto-Bismol fedora. Can’t say he isn’t living his best life right now:

We can only imagine what’s in store for the big 5-0.