Scumbag Philly Fan Taken Into Custody For Stealing A Jersey From The Roy Halladay Memorial


How about this human piece of garbage? You have to be a real desperate son of a bitch to steal from a memorial of a beloved athlete not even 48 hours after he passed.

So apparently, this Philly fan thought it would be a good idea walk right up to Roy Halladay’s memorial at Citizen’s Bank Park, which was started by Phillies fans, and take one of the jerseys left there in his honor. Let me say this again: HUMAN PIECE OF GARBAGE.

Luckily, people noticed this idiot putting the jersey under his jacket and chased him down. Police arrested him and ended up giving him a citation for disorderly conduct.

Details from CBS Philly:

Police tell CBS3 that a person was initially taken into custody after an officer observed a man taking a jersey from the memorial.

The man, who’s accused of placing the jersey under his jacket, was chased down by officers.

Police say the man was cited for disorderly conduct and released.

Authorities add that since no one claimed ownership of the jersey, no charges will be filed.

Somehow he’s getting off with just that ticket. Trash like this deserves WAY more than that. Lock him up, let him learn a lesson or two.


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