Watch Bruce Drennan React to the Browns Botching Their AJ McCarron Trade

The Browns had a classic Browns lowlight on Tuesday when they failed to complete their trade for AJ McCarron by the 4 p.m. trade deadline. Whether it’s because of a missed email, premature celebration by the Browns or disconnect between the FO and coaches, it doesn’t matter — everyone is laughing at the Browns.
And now we can laugh some more because one of our favorite Cleveland sports personalities, Bruce Drennan, was live when the bungling went down. “That’s unbelievable… that’s really unbelievable,” stated Drennan:
Drennan went on trying to find the right words for this organizational incompetence. He damn near broke before landing on “INCOMPREHENSIBLE!”:

Chin up, Browns fans. This is undoubtedly a terrible look, BUT a 2nd and 3rd for McCarron? Bullet dodged there (unless, of course, he turns into a stud).

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