Report: Browns Botched AJ McCarron Trade

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On the heels of not trading for Jimmy Garoppolo, the Cleveland Browns tried to right their many wrongs at the quarterback position by attempting to swing a deal for Bengals backup AJ McCarron. And according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, they actually came “close”… to no avail:

What stopped this deal from happening? Well, the Browns did a very Browns thing and botched their trade by not approving before the 4 p.m. deadline (while the Bengals did):

The Browns apparently tried to get the NFL to give them a pass for their flub, but the league wasn’t having it:

Only the Browns could have their worst defeat of the season come on their own damn bye week. Seriously. First you have the front office leaving early (reportedly) and being unaware of the Jimmy G deal, now this. Oh, and to make matters worse Deshone Kizer is probably thinking to himself that the organization is done with him. Dumpster fire city!
Sidenote: notes the Browns were willing to move a 2nd and 3rd for McCarron, which is obviously more than the 49ers gave up for Jimmy G. Again, Browns.

Here’s a hilarious rumor relating to why the Browns didn’t phone the NFL on time:

Browns Coaches Reportedly Upset With Front Office For Leaving Early, Not Acquiring Jimmy G
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