Caller Asks Bruce Drennan About Chances Indians Sign Jeter


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This happened tonight on All Bets Are Off with Bruce Drennan, also known as the show where dumb northern Ohio sports fans call with incredibly dumb questions either because they’re stupid or because they want to drive Drennan to a heart attack.

Here’s Scott from Sandusky (Cedar Point) taking time out of his day to get a Derek Jeter question into the mix.

It’s a legitimate question. Maybe Jeter would like to pretend he’s playing his last season and then laugh at everyone in the Yankees organization by signing a one-year deal with the Indians in 2015. That would be the ultimate heel move, right.

In the head of some guy in a Sandusky trailer park, it all seems so right.

[Major credit to @jbatta44 for the video]

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