Irate Steelers Fan Paints Swastika Over Steelers Flag

Which Steelers fan should win the award for most triggered? The fire chief who dropped an N-bomb on Mike Tomlin in a Facebook rant, or this moron who reacted to his precious squad sitting out the anthem by painting a goddamn swastika over a Steelers flag? Yeah. Both terrible offenses, but the latter wins by a mile.
Per WPXI, the fan (and veteran) who went full Nazi — but claims he doesn’t support Nazis — is one Anton Uhl, and he only painted this symbol of hate to show everyone the Steelers are “anti-American”. Smart!

“I’m upset the Rooneys didn’t want to participate in the national anthem so to me, they’re anti-American,” Anton Uhl said.
That’s why he painted a swastika on his Steelers flag in West Deer. Not because he supports Nazis, but because he wanted to show he feels the Steelers are unpatriotic.
“There’s a lot of kids that want to play football, you don’t need to pay millions of dollars for these people to stand in some type of, kneeling down, giving disrespect for everything,” Uhl said.

Ol’ Anton stewed on his aggressive move for a few days before he reached out to WPXI with a statement informing everyone he was wrong, but that he doesn’t apologize:

“I want to tell your viewers that I was wrong in placing a Swastika on the Steeler’s Flag. The Flag has been removed. I’m not apologizing but should not have singled out just the Steelers. The Swastika, a symbol of Hate, should be worn by all the NFL players who do not stand for our Nation’s Flag and Anthem. If the players and owners want to demonstrate against President Trump and the disparity against races, then they should unite in uniform and march on Washington.”

Triggered City:

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