Steelers Fan Ronnie Clears "Steelers Sh*t" Out of His Bar, Burns It All

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The Pittsburgh Steelers did not come out for the national anthem on Sunday, and you better believe that triggered Steelers fan/bar owner Ronnie to gather up all the black and gold he purchased over the years and torch it all. Ronnie is one of the many Steelers fans who aren’t handling the NFL protesting during the anthem very well — it’s just too bad he didn’t wait before burning his Ben Roethlisberger road white:
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Big Ben, of course, hated the fact that he wasn’t on the field and “was unable to sleep” over the Steelers’ method of protest:

Now Ronnie will have to shell out cash for another Big Ben jersey when the Steelers eventually make their run later in the season.

Obviously, Ronnie stands:

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