Steelers Fans Are Triggered

Slowed it down a little bit for dramatic purposes

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 25, 2017

The meltdown has been a beautiful thing. I spent at least 2-3 hours today watching videos of Steelers fans burning their jerseys, Terrible Towels, flags, beanie hats, etc. There’s a video floating around of some guy basically in tears over the Steelers not taking the field for the anthem in Chicago.

CTEelers fans are furious with Mike Tomlin for letting the protest go down. It’s weird, you don’t hear many of them bringing the Rooney family into the equation. This all falls on Tomlin.

As for how this all went down, the players voted. It sounds like James Harrison wasn’t aware that Alejandro Villaneuva would be going solo.

“Al was cool with it, with whatever we went through. He was on board. That’s Al, man,” Hubbard said. “He’s a good guy.”

Harrison did not think anyone was exempt.

“We thought we were all in attention with the same agreement, obviously, ” he said. “But, I guess we weren’t.”

Annnnnnddddd, now fans are burning gear. The CTEelers return home October 8 against the Jags.

Wow, Steelers fans really aren't taking this protest thing very well…time to jump on the Bengals train, they stood

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 25, 2017

This guy isn’t spending another dime on the Steelers:

This guy wants a refund on his jerseys: