41-Year Bronco Fan Is Fed Up, Burns Signed Memorabilia Including A Replica Helmet

The videos keep pouring in of NFL fans across the country who are FED UP with players taking a knee during the national anthem. Yesterday, we had a young Steelers fan burn a Big Ben jersey on a stick, along with a Browns fan torching all of his gear.

Today we have this Broncos fan who might have taken it further than anyone so far. In his makeshift backyard bonfire, he includes not just jerseys and t-shirts and anything else with a Bronco logo on it, but he’s got signed memorabilia in there and an actual replica helmet. Turns out helmets burn pretty well.
Here’s what he says:

I’m cancelling the NFL channel. I won’t click on anything that’s got the NFL on it online. You can get your money from anybody else you want to crap on, but it ain’t going to be me.

41 years I’ve been a Bronco fan, so… Go find somebody else to disrespect, get somebody else’s money.

FED UP. (He’ll be back by week 13)


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