Browns Fan Dave Joins The List Of NFL Fans Who've Burned Their Gear On Facebook

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The videos just keep rolling in of triggered NFL fans across America who’ve decided to take to Facebook to let their feelings be known about the anthem protests. In their way of protesting the protests (so many protests I can’t keep track), we have (former) fans burning gear and season tickets and canceling Sunday Ticket and letting all of their former high schools classmates know about it.
Steelers fans have taken it the worst, to the point where we’re not even sure if there’s any Steelers fans left.

But today we’re heading across the division to Cleveland where we meet Browns fan Dave, who was inspired by a Redskins fan who had had enough, and decided to torch all the Browns gear he’s accumulated over the years.
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See, it’s hard for most fans to send all their stuff up in flames, because when their former favorite team is making a playoff push in November, they’re going to really want to hop back on the bandwagon, but they can’t because they’ve already made their statement. Luckily, for this Browns fan he doesn’t have to worry about that. He’s basicaly just eliminating 30+ years of misery from his life in a 4 minute video. He won’t have to worry about a playoff run this winter.
And then by next year, hopefully everyone will have forgotten about this and he can go back to being a sad Browns fan again.
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