Jeopardy Contestants Prove Once Again They Know Nothing About College Football

BREAKING: Jeopardy nerds don’t know anything about college football. I know this is old news and that every few weeks or so we see a sports question make its way onto Jeopardy that stumps the whole panel, but I’m going to watch it and enjoy it every time.
These guys could break down Archimedes’ Buoyancy Principle at the drop of a hat, but you ask them what school’s mascot is a Cornhusker and their brain’s melt. It never gets old.

The worst part is that these are actual college kids. Normally, you’re getting some middle-aged librarian who’s up there trying to recall the NFL’s all-time sack leader, not some young, spry kids who should know this shit.
And as far as that Notre Dame question goes… I mean really?

Here are some old Jeopardy sports stumpers

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