2 Brawls Broke Out At The Rams-Chargers Joint Practice

Here’s some good news for the new LA Chargers and Rams fans: the players seem to enjoy fighting almost as much as you do. Listen, I know we see fights like this every single year at these joint training camp practices, it’s nothing new, but it’s nice to see these players really embracing the LA lifestyle. Especially the Chargers. It’s their first year in LA, so they need to acclimate themselves to the LA fan culture. Fighting over sports is just a part of that culture.
So what do they do? They throw down in practice. LA vs LA. This is how you win over a city and fan base that loves to fight on Sundays more than anything in the world. They’re just setting the tone early on for when that middle-aged man drunkenly picks a fight with a Raider fan because he cut him in line for the urinal.
As for the fight itself, it wasn’t that amazing. Although that Keenan Allen stick was nice.

They took “Fight For LA” to a whole new level


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Buy This Iowa Hawkeyes Tailgate Bus — $12,500
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