Terry From Jeopardy Is Hot Again For Mixing Up Auburn and Alabama

Here I thought I was catching a new Jeopardy Saturday night when contestant Terry made the massive mistake you see above saying Auburn is known as the Crimson Tide. I know what you’re thinking: You’re a loser for catching Jeopardy on a Saturday night. To that I’d say this is what happens when you haven’t had time off all summer and you just want to lounge on the couch and not do a damn thing on a Saturday night. It was hot, I just wanted to sit there and not be bothered.
Turns out this episode I was watching was from January 5, 2016. I probably saw this one 18 months ago. Terry McElhennon already went through hell when this episode originally aired. Now the clip I sent out is making the rounds again.
Terry ended up finishing second in this episode and was a one-day winner of $14,801.

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