I Guess Manziel's Agent Is Feeding RapSheet With Tips About Johnny To The Saints

You know when it’s the best time to drop NFL nuggets if you’re a member of the NFL media and/or an agent representing one of these guys when you’re trying to drum up demand for your client? It’s around the 10-11 a.m. EST timeframe. That way you can dominate the news cycle, people start talking at lunch, the sports media newsrooms start pumping out posts and your story is making the rounds during the afternoon shows before March Madness gets rolling.
So that has to be what’s going on – again – here with RapSheet and the Manziel camp. Take the above tweet…Johnny’s been keeping a low-profile? He just got back from Paris where he got engaged┬áto some chick he’d been with publicly since a New Year’s trip to Miami, bro’d it up with Odell backstage at a Drake show and couldn’t stay off social. But RapSheet just keeps pumping out the agent’s line.
We’ve been here before.
Let’s go back to March 1 when RapSheet came out on a Wednesday at around 10:30 a.m. or so with these tweets.

That was about 24 hours after a Texas judge told Manziel in court that he would be seeing the unemployed QB in court if he didn’t get his act together.
Now here we are on March 23 and RapSheet, presumably being fed lines from Burkhardt, is saying keep an eye on Manziel to the Saints because Johnny had breakfast with Sean Payton. What?
Look, I get it. You keep the agent happy by putting out what he wants you to put out because it helps you get a real scoop down the line. I get the game. It’s just that you have to disguise it better.

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