Johnny Manziel And Bre Tiesi Have Gotten Engaged

The last few months for Johnny Manziel have been going great. For the first time in years, I actually don’t remember the last time we saw him at a club. I’m pretty sure the last time we saw him publicly drinking was when he made a trip to Miami and stayed at the Versace Mansion for New Year’s. That’s also the first time we met Bre Tiesi, his newest girlfriend at the time.
Well, that’s all changed now.
Last night in Paris, Johnny Football Manziel officially popped the question to Bre and she said yes. That’s right, Johnny Manziel is getting married.

TMZ got a hold of them last night to get some comments:

Johnny tells us, “When you find a girl as amazing as I did that saved me from where I was in my life, you absolutely put a ring on it.”
Manziel popped the question during a romantic trip to Paris — with a MASSIVE diamond ring — and a bouquet of roses.
Bre says, “I’m in shock. I couldn’t imagine a day without [Johnny]. I’m so glad I never have to.”

It’s hard to believe that it was just December when Johnny was still living the “pound Fireball at 8am” life. Now 4 months later, he seems completely sober, he’s posting daily snapchats of him at the field grinding and working out, and now he’s engaged. The comeback tour is in full force.
What a wild ride this kid is and that’s why we love him.

A brief history of Johnny and Bre’s relationship


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