Rap Sheet…'Johnny Seems To Be Getting Serious' …. Johnny's Judge…'I'm About To Send You Back To Court'

Want to know how the NFL Media Machine operates? It operates on agents telling media guys what they want on Twitter, on NFL Network, on ESPN, etc. Guess what Johnny Manziel’s agent — Erik Burkhardt IS BACK, I guess, for Manziel — wants the world to know? He wants it to seem like NFL teams are clamoring for the services of a quarterback who was pounding Fireball at 8 a.m. on December 5.
Look, I’m all for Johnny getting back into the League and wrecking the League and creating pageviews that turn into cash in my pocket. Seriously, nothing against the guy one bit. He’s made some serious money for me. But don’t shove this bullshit down my throat that he’s drawing real interest at the Combine. Bullshit. Rap Sheet knows it’s bullshit and should be ashamed of pushing such a narrative.
People called me a scumbag for pushing videos of Manziel partying his ass off as a member of the Browns after they told him to stop partying. At least I was showing honest footage and honest news, not some garbage put out by agents or handlers.
Now let’s hear from the judge handling Manziel’s domestic assault case against his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. This was said ON TUESDAY…like 24 hours before Rap Sheet is out there pushing the Manziel narrative:

Judge Roberto Cañas on Tuesday told Manziel that he is worried the quarterback isn’t taking his conditional agreement seriously because he missed a deadline to update the court about his progress.

“If you decide not to follow the terms of the conditional dismissal, then basically what you’re saying to me is that you either want me to make a decision about your life, or you want six people whom you’ve never met to make a decision about your life,” the judge said.

Yeah, NFL teams want this problem. Sure. Clamoring.
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