Johnny Bruhs Out With Odell & Von Miller In Paris At Drake Show

It’s beyond time to get Johnny back in the League and it appears that Odell Beckham Jr. is still Team Johnny. You know how it is, SEC brothers for life. Draft buddies. 2014 saw both of them drafted in to wreck the league. Now one is unemployed, engaged and trying to play any football whatsoever. The other beats up sideline nets.
What could possibly be said here?
“We need a backup for Eli, I’ll start working on McAdoo.”
And look at Von Miller. That’s the look of a guy who knows his team’s about to land Tony Romo and take him to the AFC title game even after he throws multiple clutch INTs.
One other thing, I need to know how much shredded jeans cost these days.

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Golden Tate-Elise Pollard Wedding Photos