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Mike Francesa responded to his horrible Maryland analysis

Back on Wednesday, before the tournament started, Mike Francesa went full-on, classic Mike by BSing his way through a segment breaking down the Maryland Terps. It was just awful, awful radio with about 100 cliches and minutes of dead air. Now Mike has responded to the mountains of criticism he got in the only way he knows how. From the New York Post: “I was kind of responding to something I had to respond to, and I should have gone to commercial, but I didn’t,” Francesa said. “and I was just basically not paying attention to the show for two minutes there when I was talking about Maryland, and I should not have done that. My fault, bad job, so it’s bad audio, but here’s the bottom line, they report it, and they report it completely erroneously!” “Everybody acts like they watch every one of these games,” Francesa said. “Let me tell you something, nobody watches every one of these teams! There was a time, many, many, many years ago, when I was responsible for knowing stuff about all of these teams, and it was a lot of hard work. “I watch certain teams. But to say I never watch a game is just offensive, if you listen to the show. Especially with the number of coaches that come on the show during the season. You have coaches that are fixtures on this show. So that’s just ridiculous.”

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