Mike Francesa Gives Us Awful Analysis Of A Potential Maryland-Florida State Game

I guess if you’ve done 30 years as a sports radio host in the #1 market in America, you earned the right to pay zero attention to the sports you plan to talk about. Mike Francesa is a sports radio legend, but he’s also a blabbering old man now who mails in his show on a daily basis.
But that’s why people love him. He’s lacks so much self-awareness at this point that his show has become actually hilarious to listen to. He falls asleep, he takes 10,000 calls a day, he can’t pronounce names, and most importantly, he’s the king of dead air.
That’s why this is his magnus opus. This is Mike doing his best to breakdown the tournament, when it’s SO CLEAR he’s watched right aorund zero college basketball games this year.
Out of the 2 minutes and 48 seconds, I think there’s about a minute of dead air. Also, he thinks Maryland is still in the ACC and while breaking down a potential game he knows nothing about, he throws out about 100 cliches to get his point across. Nothing says you don’t know what you’re talking about more than “They’re hot and cold. You know, I could see them winning and I could see them losing”.
That’s how you become¬†numbah one.

Keep in mind Maryland and FSU might not even play each other

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