South Padre Spring Break Is LIT, OBJ Hangs With Nicki Minaj & A+ March Madness Parenting

This might be the best Vegas weekend of the year

Yes, we’re full speed ahead into March Madness, but now we have St. Patrick’s day added to the mix and also we’re deep into Spring Break season. So that sounds like a recipe for an unreal weekend, if you ask me. Vegas knows this and it sounds like Rehab is the place to be to mix all three of these elements. From the Review Journal: The games will be on in Rehab’s cabanas, as well as on the LED wall over the stage. That makes Rehab at least one place you can combine all three elements of the storm: wear your leprechaun hat while standing knee-deep in a pool, watching a game while surrounded by spring breakers. “If anybody can pull this off, it’s us,” Bravo says. I can’t picture a more perfect weekend.

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